Believe In U.S.: Julia Mancuso

2013-11-29 15:51

“It’s why I ski race, to be in the Olympics and compete for my country and to be a part of such an amazing event.” – Olympic Champion Julia Mancuso. Believe in U.S. is the rallying cry of the U.S. Ski Team going into the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Athletes like Julia Mancuso ride on the wings of belief of family, friends and the American public.

Believe in U.S.: Julia Mancuso

With three Olympic medals under her belt, it’s clear that Julia Mancuso is living out her dreams one race at a time.

“Growing up in Squaw, the Olympics have always been a part of my life and I always believed that I would be a part of them. When I was a kid I had a Tommy Moe poster that said two gold medals on it, but on the back I drew a picture of myself and titled it four gold medals. I have some work to do on that, but I still believe in it.”

Thanks to the Squaw Valley Ski Team and the U.S. Development Team, Mancuso has had a lot of guidance toward completing her dream. Despite winning more major championship medals than any other American woman (three Olympic and five World Championship), Mancuso is just as motivated as ever.

“It’s exciting going into Sochi. So many girls are really fast, so it keeps you on your toes. Just being able to train with the Best in the World makes you also become the best in the world.”

But it’s more than being pushed competitively by her teammates. The bond shared by the Team is a crucial ingredient to their success.

“Our team is just full of a lot of special girls. We have a lot of fun on the road together. We kind of have to be each other’s family because we’re away from home so much. Everyone gets along really well and so we’re lucky.”

In addition to her teammates, U.S. Ski Team coaches provide Mancuso technical and emotional support in the starting gates.

“Having the support of your coaches, that’s what keeps you fueled. What keeps you hungry for more is your coaches telling you ‘Oh that was a great run’ or what you need to work on. I’ve been lucky to have great coaches and support. You can’t do it without them.”

Just as the athletes couldn’t compete without the friendship and support of their teammates and coaches, the U.S. Ski Team couldn’t do it without support from the American public. If you Believe in U.S. and would like to be a part of Julia Mancuso and the Team’s quest for gold, please click here to make a pledge to the U.S. Ski Team through the Team’s Medals Madness.

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