Believe in U.S.: Ted Ligety

2013-12-20 16:49

“Ski racing is a huge confidence sport, so having belief in yourself is really important because you’re always on the fine line of going down and falling.” – Olympic Champion Ted Ligety. Believe in U.S. is the rallying cry of the U.S. Ski Team going into the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Athletes like Ted Ligety ride on the wings of belief of family, friends and the American public.

Believe in U.S.: Ted Ligety

Bending the laws of physics with every arc, Ted Ligety has more belief in his own ability than almost any skier in history. After winning Olympic gold and four World Championship gold medals, it’s easy to understand why he believes in every turn.

But there was a time when Ted couldn’t shred. His parents encouraged him to keep at it, though, despite getting beat by all of his friends on the racing team.

“Without my friends and family I wouldn’t be ski racing. My parents helped me financially as well as with emotional support to become a ski racer. Also my friends are kids I grew up ski racing with and they definitely pushed me competitively.”

Through that family support and tough love from his friends, Ligety cultivated a competitive personality, and eventually his skiing caught up—and then some. He graduated from the Park City Farm Team to the Park City Ski Team and later joined the U.S. Ski Team. There he found not only inspiration in coaches that believed in him, but also lasting friendships, all of which fuel his GS domination.

“We have a lot of great coaches on the U.S. Ski Team. It’s really important since we’re on the road for six months straight that we have good relationships with our coaches. We not only have good coaching relationships but are also friends, because when you’re on the road that often it’s very difficult to keep the confidence going because you’re always living out of your duffel bag.”

For Ligety to ski with his statuesque confidence, he has to train year round at an elite level as well as travel the world in search of snow. The U.S. Ski Team provides the facilities and means to ensure that confidence when it comes to race season.

“The U.S. Ski Team plays an integral part in prepping us for the World Cup season and especially the Olympic season. It’s the Olympics, it only happens every four years. It’s such a big deal that it is definitely important to put your best foot forward and get your preparation down perfect.”

The U.S. Ski Team couldn’t do it without support from the American public. If you Believe in U.S. and would like to be a part of Ted Ligety and the Team’s quest for gold, please click here to make a pledge to the U.S. Ski Team through the Team’s Medals Madness.

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